Youth Program School Holidays Trip

Youth Program – Town Exposure Trip

The Laynhapuy Youth program have been busy organising a school holiday trip for the older children from Baniyala, Dhalinybuy, Wandawuy and Gangan.

They will be bringing everyone from their youth program (including community workers) into Nhulunbuy, visiting Yirrkala and Ski Beach and many different businesses along the way to learn about how they operate, business opportunities, future career paths etc.

We are excited to have them visit the Laynhapuy Homelands office while they are in Yirrkala to get an overview of how our company works, the different departments and how we all work together to help the communities.

They will also be visiting the following companies and businesses:

  • The local bank (Westpac) – Being shown how to use the ATM, how to withdraw and deposit money and what is needed to open a bank account
  • Gulkula Mine – Learning about future training opportunities
  • Gumatj shop, nursery, saw mill, timber workshop, coffee shop and drop in centre
  • YBE – Overview of how the company runs
  • Nhulunbuy Tip (Yolngu owned business) – Learn about recycling practices
  • Yolngu Radio – Tour of the recording studio
  • Buku Art Centre – Look at digital archiving, print space and opportunities in the homelands
  • Lirrwi Tourism – Overview of tourism, Lirrwi and types of opportunities for the homelands
  • Miwatj Health – Career paths in health and session on wellbeing
  • Nhulunbuy Police Station – discuss roles of police, careers, contacts, DV etc.
  • Woolworths – Tour of the shop and warehouse
  • DEAL, Dept Business and Many Rivers – Learning about how to start a business in the homelands including what help there is available.

During their trip they will also be learning some basic life skills including – managing money, using household appliances i.e. ovens and washing machines, cooking and food handling.

We are hoping this great experience will excite them for their future with an insight of some career opportunities available to them, what career path they may be interested in, while also walking away with knowledge on banking and life skills which they can utilise back in the homelands.



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