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Ganybu Housing Aboriginal Corporation

The Ganybu Housing Aboriginal Corporation is a wholly owned entity of the Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation (Laynhapuy).

Laynhapuy, incorporated in 1985, is a Yirrkala-based Aboriginal owned and managed community organisation.

Laynhapuy supports 30 homeland communities across northeast Arnhem Land though its Health, Operations, Ranger and Youth business units.

The Operations business unit provides housing maintenance, infrastructure, essential and municipal services, carrying out plumbing, carpentry and electrical repairs to over 150 houses in remote locations.

The Operations business unit also constructs a range of facilities in homelands, principally offices, undertakes earthworks, maintains an extensive network of minor roads and many airstrips.

Essential service and municipal works include maintaining bores, tanks and water supplies and the generation and distribution of electricity to remote houses, schools, training centres, offices, stores, Ranger facilities and health clinics.

Laynhapuy established the wholly owned Ganybu Housing Aboriginal Corporation (Ganybu) in June 2017.


The principal object of Ganybu is to construct housing in the Northern Territory for use by Aboriginal people within the Northern Territory.

Ganybu will advance its principal object by:

a) seeking funds from public and private sources that enable it to construct and/or improve housing on the Yolngu Homelands;

b) acquiring land for use as housing and accommodation for Yolngu people;

c) constructing housing and facilities upon the above-mentioned land;

d) providing assistance to homeless persons in the Northern Territory and poverty affected Yolngu people;

e) making such housing and accommodation available to Yolngu persons in need, whether that be by lease (including by low rent and subsidised rent), licence, transfer of the property, or other means;

f) undertaking such building and construction activities as will generate surplus revenue that must be applied to the activities described in Clause 3.2 (a), (b), (c) and (d);

g) advocating on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Northern Territory in all matters relating to the provision of housing and accommodation; and

h) carrying out such other activities that the Corporation decides from time to time are necessary to further the objectives set out in this provision.

When businesses want to quickly gain a new area of expertise or access to new technology or markets, they usually have two options:

• buy a smaller business with those assets; or

• form a Strategic Alliance with one of more businesses that would benefit equally from the partnership.

Strategic Alliances are an arrangement between two or more businesses to carry out objectives agreed upon by the members or to fulfil a critical business requirement whilst continuing to operate as separate organisations.  In finer terms, a Strategic Alliance is a relationship that exists between two or more entities/businesses, to do business together, which is more than a regular business to business dealing, but less than a merger or complete partnership.

The businesses in a Strategic Alliance may pool their resources, such as products, knowledge, expertise, goodwill, capital, distribution channels and so forth.  The businesses maintain their autonomy, while they achieve new opportunities.

A Strategic Alliance aims at gaining synergy, wherein each business expects that the strength of the Alliance will surpass their individual efforts.  A Strategic Alliance generally encompasses the transfer of technical know-how and economic specialisation, and allocation resources and divides risk and reward according to the circumstances of each opportunity being pursued or undertaken.


Ganybu Strategic Alliance

The members of the Ganybu Strategic Alliance believe it to be mutually advantageous to share their respective skills, knowledge and experience and cooperate with their services in relation to the design, extension, refurbishment and construction of buildings in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, including the pursuit of commercial opportunities relating to those services.

The members became members of the Ganybu Strategic Alliance with the intent of expanding the breadth of their individual capabilities and leveraging their combined strengths, with the result of increased business for each member.

Each member of the Ganybu Strategic Alliance brings distinctly different capacities to the Alliance.


Zenco Constructions Pty Ltd

Zenco Constructions (Zenco) commenced operating in Nhulunbuy in 2009.

Zenco provides building and civil work services to mining companies, government departments and major businesses across many communities in northeast Arnhem Land, including remote homelands.

Zenco Director Zenel Bajraktari was born and raised in Nhulunbuy and has a comprehensive knowledge of northeast Arnhem Land.

Zenco has a fully equipped workshop in Nhulunbuy and a team of qualified employees and contractors, providing plumbing, carpentry, electrical, tiling, painting and concreting services.

Zenco’s scope of services include:

• New commercial development

• New homes

• Additions and renovations

• Repairs and maintenance

• Welding and fabrication

Zenco is also a licenced asbestos removalist.

In 2014 Zenco successfully tendered for the construction of 12 National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH) houses in Yirrkala.

In 2017 Zenco constructed six new houses for Laynhapuy, at the remote homeland communities of Garrthalala (two), Gurrumurru (one), Gan Gan (one) and Wandawuy (two).

In 2019 Zenco constructed three new houses for Laynhapuy at Yirrkala.


Indij Architectural and Interior Design Pty Ltd

Indij Architectural and Interior Design (Indij), established in 2011, is a 100% Indigenous owned and operated architectural and interior design practice based at Gordonvale, near Cairns, in Queensland.

Indij provides architectural, interior design and community engagement services for built environment projects in regional, rural and remote communities.

Indij’s scope of services include:

• Architectural design

• Master planning

• Indigenous community housing

• Project management

• Site supervision

• Community engagement

Indij Director and Architect / Project Manager, Andrew Lane, has had considerable experience in servicing the needs of a diverse range of clients, including Indigenous communities and organisations, State and Commonwealth Government Departments and private sector organisations.


On 22 March 2019 the members of the Ganybu Strategic Alliance entered into an Overarching Agreement, the Ganybu Strategic Alliance Overarching Agreement.  The Agreement set out the nature of the relationship between the members, the broad goals and objectives of the Strategic Alliance, and the essential confidentiality etc. understandings between them.

The Agreement is for an initial three-year term and will automatically renew for successive threeyear terms unless terminated by any Party by written notice sixty days prior to the end of each term.

A Ganybu Strategic Alliance Operating Manual sets out in precise terms how the Strategic Alliance operates.

To enable the Ganybu Strategic Alliance to pursue and undertake an opportunity, ie respond to a Request for Quotation or Invitation to Tender, and undertake the work if awarded, the members of the Strategic Alliance will enter into a Ganybu Strategic Alliance Specific Initiative Agreement, which
sets out the allocation of resources required from each member in preparing and submitting the quotation or tender, and the allocation of resources, risk and reward should the work be awarded.

The Ganybu Strategic Alliance operates at two levels – Commercial and Non-commercial.

At the Commercial level the Strategic Alliance responds to Requests for Quotation and Invitations to Tender to undertake construction work in northeast Arnhem Land.

At the Non-commercial level the Strategic Alliance undertakes construction work at Laynhapuy homelands, funded by the Ganybu Housing Aboriginal Corporation.

Commercial Objectives

The Ganybu Strategic Alliance responds to Request for Quotations and Invitations to Tender to undertake construction work for third parties in northeast Arnhem Land.

Whilst it is considered likely the nature of commercial work opportunities will primarily be for the construction, extension and refurbishment of houses in the major communities of northeast Arnhem Land opportunities may also arise from time to time to quote or tender for other building construction work.

Funding may also become available, through competitive processes, for the construction, extension and refurbishment of houses at Laynhapuy homelands.

Ganybu has the primary responsibility for marketing the capability of the Ganybu Strategic Alliance, including the production and targeted dissemination of marketing material.

Ganybu also subscribes to all relevant Tender monitoring services.

Zenco and Indij Design have support roles in the marketing of the capability of the Strategic Alliance, through their websites and by informing Ganybu when work opportunities likely to be of interest to the Strategic Alliance become known. 

Non-commercial Objectives

From time to time Laynhapuy provides funds to Ganybu, from a range of sources (royalties, Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments, philanthropic), for the construction, extension and refurbishment of houses at Laynhapuy homelands.

Funds may also be provided for other construction work at Laynhapuy homelands, eg shops, Ranger facilities, storage sheds.

In these instances, Ganybu has the work undertaken as a Ganybu Strategic Alliance Specific Initiative, subject to a Ganybu Strategic Alliance Specific Initiative Agreement.


Industry Capability Network (

Ganybu is now a member of the Industry Capability Network (ICN), which gives exposure to Ganybu as an Indigenous constructions contractor in northeast Arnhem Land. Click HERE for more information on ICN.

Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network 

Ganybu is now a member of the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network (NTIBN). The NTIBN is “A group of Indigenous businesses working together to create more opportunity and a greater potential for Indigenous business in the Northern Territory”. Find out more about this organisation by clicking HERE

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