Aged Care

Who are we?

Laynhapuy Homelands Aged Care provides services to older people in the homelands through home care packages tailored to their needs in a culturally appropriate way. Home care packages are funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Where we work

We operate throughout all our Laynhapuy homelands, where ever our older people are located. Laynhapuy Homelands Aged Care has a full time co-ordinator with casual assistance from a Yolngu employee. It is based in the Yirrkala office, where older people are able to pop in for a cuppa, a yarn, and to discuss anything we can help them with.

What we do

The services that we provide are made in agreement with the wishes of the home care client so they are able to direct the care. We ensure that both clients and their families/carers make informed decisions about their care plans in a flexible, realistic and practical way to promote quality care and meet their needs.

Services that Laynhapuy Homelands Aged Care can provide:

  • Social and cultural support – including regular visits and assistance with travel/stay at other homelands to attend ceremonial/cultural meetings
  • Transport aid – assisting clients to get to doctor’s appointments, Centerlink, bank etc. when in town
  • Personal care – including provision of personal care items, incontinence pads etc.
  • Domestic assistance – including provision of cleaning agents/equipment, some white goods and co-ordination of household maintenance
  • Finances assistance – Help with paperwork, mail, Centerlink, paying bills etc.
  • Ergonomics – Working with Physiotherapists and Office of Disability for supply of mobility equipment, working with Laynha’s GHIS department for any housing modifications
  • Assistance with respite – either for the client of their carer in liaison with Anglicare, Gove District Hospital and Office of Disability & Aged Care


Schedule of Home Care Package Fees


Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation is a Non-For Profit organization providing a range of services to remote indigenous homelands. Laynhapuy Homelands is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to provide Home Care Packages to indigenous Australians in support to enable them to live on their homelands. 


Management Costs

Service Delivery Fee


Administration Fee


Coordination Fee


Exit Fee




Service Types

Domestic Services


Transport Services

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Clinical Services: Clinical Nursing, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, etc. 

Home and Garden Maintenance

$34 per hour

Support Services

$34 per hour

Respite Services


Cultural Services

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Laynha Youth Program

The Laynha Youth Program aims to support young Yolŋu in their homelands to develop to their full potential; with a strong sense of self, an understanding of the dominant culture, and the capacity to confidently navigate both the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous worlds.

Who are we?

We are a small dedicated team, consisting of Yolŋu Youth Workers, with support from Mentor/s and a Manager.  We are on the ground in homelands most of the time, with local staff member/s in each location to facilitate the delivery of the program for young people aged 12-18 years.

Where we work

The Program takes place in the homelands of Dhalinybuy, Wandawuy, Gangan and Yilpara, where local Yolŋu Trainee Youth Workers are employed to run activities in their communities.

What we do

The Laynha Youth Program is focused on the three key areas of:

  • WELLBEING (physical health, mental health, social-emotional wellbeing, alcohol/other drugs education, building healthy relationships)
  • LIFESKILLS (money matters, Ŋäpaki law and the justice system, education/training/employment, engaging with broader society and the world, money matters)
  • PERSONALDEVELOPMENT (self-awareness, identity, responsibility, talents and potentials, dreams and aspirations, building resilience, conflict resolution)
How do we achieve this?

The Laynha Youth Program is guided by the needs and direction of each homeland, determined through consultation and regular engagement with key elders and the community.  These conversations form the basis of youth action plans, which ultimately guide our work with young people in each of the four homelands. 

Stakeholder engagement and collaboration is essential for enabling our programs’ achievements in each of our key focus areas.  Working together with a broad array of service providers across the region enables us to facilitate the delivery of their services to young people in the homelands. 

Our work in homelands includes:
  • Daily after-school and holiday activities
  • Workshops and information sessions with topic experts, in line with key focus areas
  • Inter-homelands events and competitions
  • Exposure trips – engaging with the world
  • Wellbeing camps – Yolŋu and Ŋäpaki world, gender-specific content

Past Projects

NAAJA-CSP Homelands Visits – February 2017

Young Women’s Wellbeing Camp – May 2017

*For the latest information on the Laynha Youth Program – refer to our “news and events” page for their updated newsletter’s.
What are our young men saying about the program?

What do you like about the young men’s talking group?

“The young men’s talking group has helped me by making me feel more confident, making me feel more connected to my culture,  and helping me find a job that I really enjoy and to pursue my career. I feel confident for the future now that I’ve joined the program”

“The young men’s group is great and I love this job”

“It’s a good program. We like it here and we’re coming here every day”

What did you do before the young men’s talking group?

“Before the young men’s group I was drinking too much and smoking too much”

“Before I was late night walking around, no job, no anything, no money”

Current projects:

House Refurbishment – March 2017  


The Young Men’s Group have been given a house by Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Association to make their own. The young men will be responsible for renovating and refurbishing the entire house, doing tasks such as cleaning, gardening, painting, fixing roofing etc. The end goal is to give the men a safe space to hang out with each other. Stay tuned for updates on the progress!

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