Laynhapuy Youth Program: Holiday Program

Homeland Community School Holiday Program: 30th June to 17th July 2020

Week 1

Tuesday 30th June: Basketball @ Dhalinybuy with Yirrkala Sport & Recreation also attending

Thursday 2nd July: Basketball @ Wandawuy with Yirrkala Sport & Recreation also attending


Week 2

Tuesday 7th July: AFL with GanGan vs Yilpara at GanGan

Wednesday 8th July: AFL at Wandawuy

Thursday 9th July: AFL at Dhalinybuy


Week 3

Balanced Choice Program: 13th-17th July

Monday 13th: GanGan

Tuesday 14th: GanGan and Yilpara

Wednesday 15th: Yilpara and Wandawuy

Thursday 16th: Wandawuy and Dhalinybuy

Friday 17th: Dhalinybuy

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