Vision of the old people for the Yolngu of the homelands:

"To determine our own future, to manage our own affairs, to become self sufficient so that the homeland mala (clans) can continue to live in peace and harmony."

The leaders charged Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation with responsibility for implementing this vision as an independent provider of services, a facilitator of community and economic development, and an advocate for the rights and interests of our members in the homelands.

In the words of Dr Gawirrin Gumana:

“My name is Dr Gawirrin Gumana AO of Gangan, and I am one of the old people who fought for our Land Rights.

I will not lose my culture and my tribe to your games like a bird moving from place to place, looking for its camp or to sleep in other places, on other people’s land that is not our land.

I do not want my people to move from here and die in other places. I don’t want this. We don’t want this. I am Aboriginal from mud, red mud. I am black, I am red, I am yellow, and I will not take my people from here to be in these other places.

We want to stay on our own land.We have our culture, we have our law, we have our land rights, we have our painting and carving, we have our stories from our old people, not only my people, but everyone, all Dhuwa and Yirritja, we are not making this up.

I want you to listen to me Government. I know you have got the money to help our homelands. But you also know there is money to be made from Aboriginal land. You should trust me, and you should help us to live here,on our land, for my people.”