Laynha Youth

Updates from the Laynha Youth team from across the homelands.

Gaywarr Yu Bathan (Jellyfish Sting)

Gaywarr Yu Bathan (Jellyfish Sting) from Laynhapuy Homelands on Vimeo.

In October 2013, Laynha Youth invited MusoMagic to work with the youth from Baniyala School to write and record a song about first aid for jellyfish stings.  

This production was the end result of 2 days of great work from the students, community, staff and MusoMagic. This production will now be utilised in remote coastal communities to deliver the message of vinegar for jellyfish stings. 

Staying Strong

Staying Strong - Garrthalala Homeland from Laynhapuy Homelands on Vimeo.

Students from the Garrthalala Laynhapuy Homelands School wrote and performed this song with the MusoMagic crew who were visiting with Laynha Youth, in October 2013. This song reflects the theme of the Garrthalala school - staying strong!