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Media release - 18 October 2013
Celebrating achievements in homelands education

The Board of the Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation (Laynha) commends the Yirrkala Homelands School who are celebrating the achievements of Yolngu graduates and long-serving teachers from the homelands. 

On Friday 25 October 2013 there will be a special graduation and celebration event in Yirrkala. Ten new graduates will receive their Certificate III Education Support qualifications, along with four graduates in Diploma Education Support. These graduates are drawn from across the Laynhapuy and Marngarr homelands of North East Arnhem Lands, which are supported by the Yirrkala Homelands School networks. 

Barayuwa Mununggurr, Laynha Chairman, states ‘It’s been a long journey for the teachers in the homelands to get to where we are now, with a lot of hard work. The end result is that they have gained the qualifications needed for homelands education. And for that education funding shouldn’t be cut. The NT Government needs to recognise these qualified teachers and the nutrition programs for the kids, so quality education in the homelands can continue and grow. Laynha congratulates all the graduates for achieving their goals.’ 

Also to be celebrated will be the outstanding achievements and dedication of Mrs Multhara Mununggurr and Mrs Nalwarri Ngurruwutthun who have, between them, contributed 70 years to Indigenous education. Multhara continues to be involved in an advisory capacity for her Garrthalala community and its school and proposed boarding facility. Nalwarri provides expert and culturally authoritative advice for the Yirrkala Homelands School. 

Haidee Dentith, Principal of Yirrkala Homelands School, says ‘The Graduation and Celebration on the 25th October will honour some of our most dedicated staff. The success of our partnership with Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education has enabled homeland-based Yolngu teachers to study teaching while living and working in their homeland. To have such a large number of staff graduating today is testament to the commitment and dedication of not just the Homeland teachers graduating but also the Visiting Teachers and support staff that work with them every week. The 25th October will also be our opportunity to say “Thank you” and to celebrate the contribution of two amazing educators and leaders, Nalwarri and Multhara. It has been my absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to work with these ladies and they have taught me, and many others, many important lessons along the way.’

The graduating students are: 

Certificate III Education Support 
  • Metjmitj Mununggurr and Birrpunu Mununggurr from Biranybirany homeland 
  • Bulungguwuy Mununggurr from Boruwuy homeland 
  • Yekariwuy Marika from Dhalinybuy homeland 
  • Ngatjalpi Wanambi, Lamanggirra Ganambarr and Gunururr Ngurruwutthun from Gangan homeland 
  • Bronson Militjumburr Dhamarrandji and Mary Minydjalurr Dhamarrandji from Garrthalala homeland 
  • Djalumbu Ngurruwutthun from Gurrumuru homeland. 

Diploma Education Support 
  • Teleta Gutkut Munyarryun from Dhalinybuy homeland 
  • Djuna Wunungmurra and Rurruwiliny Ngurruwutthun from Gurrumuru homeland
  • Lombinga Mununggurr from Garrthalala homeland.

Yirrkala Homelands School Graduation and Celebration 
11.00am – 1.00pm, Friday 25 October 2013 
Rika Park, Yirrkala - lunch will be provided.

  • For further information about the Yirrkala Homelands School contact 08 8987 1224 
  • For further information about Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation (Laynha) visit
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